On Sunday – October 27 our time of gathering as a community of faith focused on the past, present, and future.  130 years in Pueblo is a significant moment in time.  Notice I used moment in time.  We have to remind ourselves that our time is clearly not God’s time.  130 years is like a grain of sand in a massive beach to God. I would suggest that we begin to frame our understanding of our past, present and future through the lens of God and His timing.  God is and has been interested in His creation. His interest has always been focused on a relationship with Him.  Not just those that know Him through Jesus but those who don’t know Jesus and ultimately don’t know Him.

Our focus is shifting to a committed focus from what has been to what will be.

As someone who studies history – history informs both the positive and negative of the past.  The past is the past, you can’t live in the past and you can’t go back to the past.  So, the only thing it can do is inform us.

As someone who studies the current culture – current culture invigorates us because the Lord is and has always been engaged in current cultures or realities.  God has always met people in their current context.  We should not see the current culture as problematic.  It is an opportunity for us – the Lord’s disciple-makers – to be invigorated to be about His work in this current time.

As someone who sees the Lord active in shaping the future of His world – we should be inspired to join Him in His work to redeem His creation.

We can look back and learn from our past.  We need to see the current cultural context as it is and not be frustrated that it does not look like the past.  When we do, we can join the Lord in His work of redemption.  If we don’t, we become frustrated and want to try and redeem the past – which is impossible. Let’s be inspired to join the Lord in something new.

Feel inspired that the Lord is asking us to reach this generation of people through real, relevant, relational, respectful relationships. (Built around intentional triads and small groups of disciples who multiple and make disciples)

Real = authentic without facades (life is not always “perfect”)

Relevant = we understand the post-christian context we are living in

Relational = connected to each other

Respectful = we recognize that the Holy Spirit demands us to love not only one another but the stranger

Relationships = just as we are in relationship with Jesus, Jesus asks, even demands us to be in relationship with not only other sojourners in the Kingdom but those not yet in relationship with Jesus.

As we read the Gospels, it is clear that Jesus was focused on those outside of what was the religious establishment / belief system.  We need to be concerned about those who do not know Jesus and not keeping the “established / belief system” intact.  What we have done as a church (past) does not speak to the people who do not know Jesus (present), so we need to join the Lord and be hyper concerned and focused on those who don’t know Jesus (future).  Jesus said the healthy (disciples) do not need a hospital.  He also said he came to seek and save the lost.  His final command to us and the disciples was to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES.  No where did Jesus say we are to build something.  See the property as a tool not a destination.  We gather as a community of faith in a property to be sent.

So, allow the past and history to inform us…be invigorated by and embrace the current cultural context….and be inspired to join the Lord in His work of making disciples. 


Lord, this is your church.  What you desire is our desire.  Open our hearts and eyes to where you are moving, and we will join you.  Remove our biases, like scales falling from our eyes, and let us see as you see.  We are open and will join you.  AMEN