• March 13 – we suspended gatherings from March 13- March 28
  • March 18 – we suspended gathering from until April 18 (will be evaluated on April 17 to see if an extension will take place)
  • March 24 – “The Board of Bishops has determined that it is unwise for any FMC congregation here in the United States to continue to meet in person for any type of church or social gathering.  Out of respect and compassion for the most vulnerable among us, we’re asking our ministry family to respect the decision, and also to follow all state and federal guidelines.
  • March 25 – Governor of Colorado issued a STAY AT HOME ORDER
  • March 26 – Governor of Colorado issued a clarification to the March 25 order.   “Houses of worship may remain open, but must practice social distancing or use electronic platform.”

I have been made aware of some churches (not FM) who have chosen to use the March 26 clarification to begin having gatherings (unfortunately some have not stopped meeting since the beginning of the orders relating to social distancing and stay at home).

I want to make it perfectly clear the position of Pueblo Light and Life Church, The River Conference, and the Free Methodist Church USA:

We will not be gathering until such a time that we have been given the “all clear” by our FMC leaders, local, state, and national leaders.  This is out of respect for the most vulnerable among us.  To be perfectly honest, the age of our community faith is considered “HIGH RISK”.  We will not knowingly do anything that will comprises the health and welfare of our community of faith and the community at large.


Visit Public health & executive orders explained website.

If you need assistance, contact Pastor Mark or the Care Network Leader, we will do our best to assist you.

Check your email, text, and snail mail for updates, ReMarks, and Worship Thoughts.

Francis Chan Gives Encouragement to the Church during the Covid-19 Pandemic (11:36 min) (March 21, 2020)

Francis Chan, presently in Hong Kong, addresses his team of elders, his church in San Francisco, and the Church around the world. He reminds believers everywhere that now is not the time to lose our love, joy, or peace. We invite you to be encouraged with Chan’s message and to hold to Jesus’s greatest commandment, “Go, therefore and make disciples…” For more information on how David C Cook is serving church leaders with resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit https://davidccook.org.