Sue – Leader


  • Pray for the Pastor and community of faith
  • Support the church financially at least at the level of the tithe (10% of income).
  • Participate actively in worship weekly.
  • Be active in being discipled and making disciples


  • The Pastor and Leadership Team shall appoint the Hospitality Team Leader.
  • The Hospitality Team Leader shall recruit members of their team
  • Coordinate fellowship meals for the following:
    • Fellowship Meals
    • Funeral Meals
    • Special events as determined
  • Coordinate the elements for celebrating the Lord’s Supper


  • Establish meals and share the meal needs with the community of faith
  • Setting of tables and chairs as needed in the fellowship hall
  • Storing of tables and chairs after fellowship events
  • Basic decorations as needed in the fellowship hall for meals (nothing elaborate is needed)
  • Maintain food preparation and serving products (plates, cups, table service, paper products, trash bags, etc.)
  • Maintain coffee, tea, and other drinks for fellowship meals and general meeting use.
  • Wash and clean all dishes and utensils for and after fellowship meals
  • Wipe down tables and chairs before fellowship meals and after fellowship meals (before storage)
  • Wipe down kitchen prep area, tables, countertops, microwave, stoves, sink before preparation and after use.
  • Empty coffee pumps and water thermos and clean
  • Empty trash before and after fellowship meals (kitchen, kitchen preparation area, fellowship hall.
  • Run vacuum in kitchen preparation area
  • Run dust mop in the fellowship hall after events
  • Use Swiffer mop in Kitchen as needed after events
  • Twice a year, do a deep cleaning of the kitchen, storage areas, and fellowship hall
  • Coordinate turning up of the thermostat in the worship space twenty-four (24) hours in advance of using fellowship hall in cold weather.