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  • The society shall elect a treasurer who shall be an adult member of the society.  He/she shall keep a record of all money received and expended and report to the society (Par. 6250.J)
  • The treasure of the society shall keep a record of all monies raised and of the manner in which they are expended.  The treasurer shall provide a detailed monthly financial statement in writing to the Finance Committee and the local Board of Administration, with a full report to the annual society meeting. (Par. 6300.G)
  • To safeguard the treasurer, it is recommended that the Board appoint / elect tellers who shall count each offering and provide the necessary documentation for the financial review or audit.


  • With a teller count the weekly tithe and offering gifts.
  • Report the weekly count to the pastor for Society, Annual Conference, and General Conference Reporting
  • Submit appropriate financial commitments to the Annual Conference.
  • Write, mail (or use online banking) to pay bills as designated by the budget and or Board of Administration.
  • Follow appropriate accounting standards to account for all monies received and expended.
  • Maintain weekly accounting from each tither / giver that includes type of gift (cash, check, number) and amount.
  • Create a monthly report that is provided to the Pastor that includes the number of the tithers / givers and amount of each tither / giver (name is not included).  EX: Unit 1 – $1,000, Unit 2 – $500, etc.
  • Provide end of the year tax statements for tithes and offerings given by each society member.


  • Pray for the Pastor and community of faith
  • Support the church financially at least at the level of the tithe (10% of income).
  • Participate actively in worship weekly.
  • Attend and participate in scheduled meetings of the Finance Committee and / or the Leadership Team as requested.